Growing Up

by Zoe P.

When I was 6 I moved to North Dakota. I hated it. I wish we could have moved somewhere else, and in some ways I still do, but I also know that I would not have the friends I have today, or the job, and I definitely would not be the same me. If I had not moved to ND I would not be in Japan right now, and I would not have hosted a student from Japan last year, to make 2 new lifelong friends. If I had not moved to ND I would not know any of the people in this room, in fact, I wouldn’t even be here. Of course I would have made different friends, and I’d be in a different room sharing a different story or doing something else. In a different state I would maybe be in a different grade, or I would not have my license. Maybe I wouldn’t even have my permit. In a different country I would probably be able to drink but not drive.

Last year my family and I almost moved to Prague, I remember thinking that I wouldn’t be able to go to Japan, that was my biggest worry about the move, otherwise I was all for it and totally wanted to go, I wanted to leave. So many things happened over the summer though that Japan would not have been the biggest issue, so many other things would have factored in. I am now very glad that we did not move to Prague, but it would have been such a great experience, and some day I would love to visit there.

We are still going to move someday, maybe next year, maybe within the next few years, maybe it will be when I am already gone somewhere else, in college, and my parents will go somewhere else. But whenever that day comes, that we move, I know that I am ready for the next adventure. Living in North Dakota was an adventure, and it is beautiful, I just don’t see the beauty as much anymore. I see the Red River, the brown dirty gross Red River, I don’t see the beautiful water I used to see, you could say that I am just finally seeing reality. The worst of all is that there are no mountains in Grand Forks, and mountains are my favorite. I would love to live in the mountains, with the ocean an hour away. But even when it comes that we do move, I will always come back to North Dakota for an adventure, and to see the natural hard-core beauty of North Dakota.