Small Town North Dakota

By Quinn Alo

“Small towns are the worst at getting recognized.” A quote said by Wayne Knight, that I have thought about the last four years of my life. I have always wondered where I would be in life right now if I would have grown up in a bigger city. There are many reasons why a bigger city might have been more beneficial in my life. There are also a multitude of reasons why growing up in a smaller town might be better than a bigger town.

Me, my mom, and my dad moved to LaMoure when I was five years old. He said he wanted me to grow up in a smaller community. He grew up in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, so he knew what a real big city life was like. We lived in Fargo for the first five years in my life, but I don’t remember much. He always said that he loved small towns a lot more than bigger towns because he loved how much more relaxing life was in small towns. I can see why he thought always that. I also see other reasons why I think he loved it.

Living in a small town definitely has its perks. First, it seems like I made friends easier. Most of the friends people make around here they have known your whole life. Kids don’t change schools after a certain grade so they all literally grow up together and know each other. Next, people, like me, can be involved in all sorts of extra-curricular activities. I love playing basketball, baseball, and football. And when you live in a small town you get the opportunity to play all three because they’re not so demanding in the off-season like bigger cities. Last, the community is very strong in a small town. All of the sports teams get a lot of support from surrounding businesses and people who have had kids in the sports system. The community is very encouraging and come to all of the games even if they are three hours away. They love to come and cheer and personally, having a fan base as strong as ours makes me love playing and love this town even more.

When there are ups, there are downs. I have always had a passion for football. My whole life, I have aspired to play football at the highest level I possibly can. I play in 9-man football, which isn’t that bad because the competition is still good even though it is the lowest level in North Dakota. Being from a town of nine hundred people and playing nine-man football, it is hard to try to get the recognition of bigger colleges. It’s also hard because I can’t focus just on football all year round. I am a three sport athlete and even just this last year we had a total of six weeks off between the three sports. This means there's less time to focus on what I want to do most, play football. Which brings me to my last point.

What would my life be like if I was from a bigger town? Even if I was from a bigger town in North Dakota, life is so much more different. Life is so busy in a small town in North Dakota, I can't imagine how hectic life would be in a bigger town. If I lived in bigger town my whole life, I wonder who I would be today. I could possibly be the best football player because of all the time I'd spend working on it. I'm extremely grateful for what small town North Dakota has done for me. It built me. It made me a strong and kind person. The kind of person who thanks people for everything they've done for them. The kind of person who will never forget the support they got throughout their life here. I truly am grateful for the life I have lived so far in this small town in North Dakota.

Growing up in a small town has not only made me realize how lucky I, it shaped me into the person I am today. Wayne Knights' quote, “Small towns are the worst at getting recognized," may be true, but I am glad I grew up in a small town. I am also proud to be from small town North Dakota.