My North Dakota Story

By Anonymous

Many people think that North Dakota is really cold and boring, but the summer days are hard to beat. The place I like to be most is where the grass and trees are everywhere and your toes sink into the sand, at the lake. When the heat is hot and the days are long, there is no better place to be. Many memories have been made over the years at the lake.

On a hot Saturday in the summer, my family always wake up with excitement sparkling in our eyes. We pack up the coolers and make sure we have many snacks to snack on. My mom pack hot dogs, hamburger meat, buns, chips, beans, fruit, popsicles, swimsuits, life jackets, sunscreen, and last but not least, the camera. My dad loads the boat and the jetski and we jump in the pick-up. We only have to drive for about ten minutes and we are there. My family and I all jump out ready to go.

Once on the boat, all my worries seem to drift away. My siblings and I go tubing for a long time, getting bashed by big waves, but we always have big smiles on our faces. We scream and laugh in hopes that the person next to us falls off before we do. Later, my siblings and I take turns skiing and wakeboarding. I like to go skiing the best. I usually try to ski on one ski but cannot go for very long without face planting. My dad and big brother can usually get big air while on the wakeboard.

Later, we go on the jetski. Our jetski is red and black. Brent, my oldest brother, takes me for a ride and tries his very best to tip us. I hold on with all my strength as we whip around in big circles and hit wave after wave. Water splashes up on my face leaving me stunned and refreshed. My hands hurt from holding on so tight but I do not notice because it is so much fun. We tip the jetski at least twice before we decide to head back to shore. Jetski rides always seem way too short because they are so much fun.

Once back at our lake spot, we start getting ready for supper. While my parents make the food, I usually soak up the sun on the dock with my sister. The food is ready and we all sit on a picnic table and eat. Before we know it the sun is going down and we start a fire. The kids make s’mores and roast hot dogs. The best part about fires is that you get a good chance to bond and have fun with your family. We all tell stories and tell our favorite memories about the day. Pretty soon it is really late and time to go home. We put out the fire and head home.
The lake is a very fun place when it comes to spending time with the people you love. I hope that everyone at least once in their lives gets to go on a boat ride. A trip to North Dakota for a day at the lake would not be a mistake. The winters in North Dakota might be long and hard, but the summers make up for it. I would not want to live anywhere else but North Dakota.