Coping with Life in North Dakota

By New England Patriots

The thing about North Dakota is it isn’t your typical state. It doesn’t have a Mcdonald’s at every town you pass by. Matter of fact, most towns barely have a gas station, if you’re lucky it might have two. Most of the time you have to be a little creative in what you do and how you approach yourself in North Dakota, here is my story.

Being in North Dakota I have a plethora of opportunities for sports. I am currently a senior in high school and my junior year I went to state in every sport I was apart of: basketball, baseball, football, golf, and I even won my bowling league on the side! Not many states have the limited amount of kids in where you can be apart of all these sporting events, and for that I am thankful in the fact that North Dakota doesn’t attract many people due to its odd ways and weather patterns.

Being in North Dakota most kids are in some way exposed to underage drinking, personally I can say that I do not drink. Based on my prior knowledge, I believe that North Dakota is in the top 5 in the U.S in underage drinking. Underage drinking not only affects the people that are drinking, but the people who are also in sports and get 6 weeks. I think that there has been plenty of times where I have been on a sports team and somebody gets a minor and kinda screws over the team because then they are out for 6 weeks and can’t participate in games. I believe that this number is so high because people just don’t have anything to do, people resort to alcohol on the weekends instead of a simple hang out session. I’d say about 90% of the kids that aren’t in sports drink a lot more than they should be.

Video games has been a huge part of my life up to this point.. I’d say the main reason I don’t get some of my homework done for class is because I am constantly playing video games whenever I have an opportunity. Most people probably think that because I live in North Dakota that there is no video games or tvs’, but this is how I keep myself away from alcohol, and I just simply enjoy it. Both of my best friends also enjoy playing video games so most of the time when we hang out we tend to enjoy playing videogames together. Since about the age of 5, I have gotten to love the art and ways of video games, and I’m very happy that my mom decided to buy me an original Xbox 360 for Christmas.

No matter what way you look at it, North Dakota teens don’t have all the opportunities that some states offer such as entertainment. But North Dakota in my opinion is just entertaining enough to keep me happy and I don’t think that I would’ve wanted to spend my childhood in any other states because of how calm and relaxing it is. Though it isn’t the most exciting place in the world, it is my home, and for that I’m thankful.