Host a School-Wide "My North Dakota Story" Event

Here's one idea:


This bulletin board displays student and staff North Dakota stories.  It was produced during a school-wide "My North Dakota Story" event hosted by the middle school's library.


Here are a few more details about this event: 

 Students and staff are invited to tell their story related to the time they’ve spent in North Dakota. Stories can be told in many ways, through paragraphs, short stories, essays, and poetry. The goal of this event is to develop a sense of community among our students, and to invite others to reflect on what makes North Dakota unique. When we appreciate the place we live, we are more willing to take care of it and the people who live there with us.


Consider creating a bulletin board or wall display to share student works. One way to encourage participation is to have drawings for those who have submitted. Prizes should be North Dakota-related, such as Pride of Dakota products.


To further promote the event, make it a spirit week and invite students to wear ND college and university apparel one day. Also consider displaying books written about North Dakota or by North Dakota authors. See for book lists.