A sense of community, a sense of belonging.

Team My North Dakota Story's vision

We are three teachers grounded in North Dakota.  We know that there is something special about this state and want to share this with the next generation.  

 My North Dakota Story is a place where community is cultivated: among teachers, among students, among communities. 

One way this community takes shape is through stories. And no matter how we arrived in North Dakota, the state becomes a character in all of our lives, in all of our stories--sometimes as a protagonist, sometimes as an antagonist, and sometimes a little of both. 

We believe that stories are important for cultivating community and that everybody has a story to tell.

Welcome to North Dakota. What's your story?

Now, write it and submit it!

Meet Team My North Dakota Story

Team My North Dakota Story: Kim, Erika, and Angie

Kim Rensch was born in Minot, North Dakota. Her family’s brief stint down South when Kim was a young child culminated in a caravan of native North Dakotans fleeing from searing heat, creepy crawlers, and high crime rates back to the open arms of the state they love. Their return came just in time for her to start kindergarten in Grand Forks, where she stuck around through her college career at UND. Kim now lives in Fargo with her husband, also North Dakota born-and-bred, and their dogs. She is a middle school language arts facilitator and Gifted Services facilitator for Fargo Public Schools. What Kim appreciates the most about North Dakota are the basic decency and work ethic of its people. And the lack of poisonous creepy crawlers comes in a close second place.


Erika Dyk was not born in North Dakota, but she did move to the state with her family at the young age of four one bitterly cold Christmas Eve. She’s been educated on both the western side (Bowman High School) and the eastern side of the state (NDSU). She taught English in some form for grades seven through higher education for seven and a half years from Hazen to China to Fargo to Beulah and is currently teaching middle school English Language Arts in Watford City.  She has a deep love for the state of North Dakota, so much so that one of her friends claims she can’t have a conversation without mentioning her beloved state. And while her friend is not completely right, she is mainly right. What Erika appreciates most about North Dakota is the people and playing the “how are we connected game” because it’s fun to meet new people and make connections. She’s also a huge fan of North Dakota speech and Class B basketball.


Angela Hase was born in Bismarck, North Dakota. She grew up on the Missouri and is a river rat at heart. She spent her childhood playing within yelling distance of her front door. Now she lives in Fargo and teaches high school English in Moorhead, MN. She misses the river so much that she often slips into hallucinations during the hot summer months. She sees herself diving into the dark water, her skin rejuvenated in the coolness.To prevent a hospital stay, she visits her hometown quite frequently and in the summer refuses to leave the sandbar. What Angela appreciates the most about North Dakota is the extreme seasons. She has a hard time believing that people live in places where the air doesn’t constantly transition between freezing and sweltering. She wonders if these people get bored not having to evaluate sweater weight on a regular basis.